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Breck Alan – All about music, performance, and being yourself

Between Two Deferns Podcast Episode #2 – Breck Alan – All about music, performance, and being yourself

In this episode, Heather and I listen and comment real time to a previously recorded interview I taped with Breck Alan. Breck is an amazing human, writer, musician, and coach, who has single-handedly changed the way I think about singing (and performing). He’s been around a long time, having instructional DVD’s and actual books on the shelves back in the pre-internet era. This conversation is especially relevant for musicians and music aficionados, but we tried to open it up and connect the dots to other more general life situations, to make it relevant for non-musicians as well.

Some of the things we talk about in this 45 minutes …

-the connection between mindfulness and singing
-truly expressing a song, on any instrument
-screwing up during a performance
-Heather asks – isn’t a meditative state the opposite of what you want in performance?
-rock climbing
-going deeper into your brain
-“it aint what you do, it’s the way how you do it”
-doing the dishes as a spiritual practice
-Heather goes in the opposite direction – going into your head to get out of your body?
-give up trying to sing like Robert Plant or Paul McCartney
-be yourself
-“embrace your noises” – from the late great Chris Cain
-self acceptance
-confidence and vulnerability
-YOU have to be the biggest fan in the room (of yourself)
-writing for your tribe
-manipulating, trying to make a dollar vs creating out of love
-start from where you are
-Ariana Grande
-singleness of focus
-consistent effort vs magical thinking

Find out more about Breck Alan …

Body Singing

No Ceiling – New Full Length Release 2021

(*The song played at the end of the episode …..)
The Tornado That Got Swept under the Rug (video)

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