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Derrick Brown – Good vibes, music licensing, and the art of not giving up

Between Two Deferns Podcast Episode #4- Derrick Brown – Good vibes, music licensing, and the art of not giving up

In this episode, Mike & Heather talk with Derrick Brown, a.k.a. the “Good Vibes Coordinator”! Derrick has a great story to share, and just listening to his voice is guaranteed to improve your mood!

Some of the things we talk about …

-Sync licensing / Catch The Moon program
-finding music supervisors for shows
-learning to do cold emailing
-how to write with authenticity but still on topic for a show
-creating relationships instead of trying to “get”
-Father Shine
-Quantum Leap
-reference tracks
-how Heather started writing songs and where Parkway South name came from
-binaural music / meditations
-432 vs 440 hz
-the more physiological aspects of being more present / mindful
-replacing thoughts with visualizations
-fear is a liar – replace “I can’t do this” with gratitude, with all the love you have
-the broken part is where the light comes in
-how Derrick writes songs
-Boss RC-505 loop station
-“as long as my butt is in the chair, whatever will come through me comes through me”
-that’s how I make friends – I’m a giver more than a taker
-“I’m gonna keep doing this until it doesn’t hurt”
-5 years sober … it made me a more intentional human
-“Derrick is an embrace, personified”
-you don’t have to believe everything you think – our thoughts become our reality
-“love your shadow self”
-is it fear or excitement?
-when fear falls away we start to let people in (opportunities) instead of repelling them
-so, what is a Defern?
-Derrick’s job title is “Good Vibes Coordinator”

Find out more about Derrick …



Relaxing Soothing Vibes Music / 432hz meditation music



Jill’s website

The song you hear playing at the end of the show is “Limitless” by Derrick Brown, soon to be released!

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  1. Maybelle Quarles Maybelle Quarles

    I loved it! Sometimes we who are NOT in entertainment think that people who are (in entertainment) have no doubts about themselves, no fears, no questioning of their abilities, no insecurities. It’s eye-opening to realize that they go on and entertain in spite of them. Gives us something to “shoot for”.
    PS, I love you guys!

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