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Sherry Johnson – How to have a good marriage & have fun even when life is hard

Between Two Deferns Podcast Episode #3- Sherry Johnson – How to have a good marriage & have fun even when life is hard

In this episode, Mike & Heather talk with long time friend Sherry Johnson, who works at Bridgeport Hospital ER, is a professional photographer, and music aficionado. She is full of energy and heart, and we can all learn a lot from her!

Some of the things we talk about …

-removing cucumber seeds
-Sherry has covid fog
-tik tok video and big white box
-how to have a happy marriage – “he is always making me laugh”
-talk about what’s going on, and let things slide off your shoulder
-being aware of the other person in a relationship
-once you reach a certain age, there’s not way you would mistreat the one you love
-what’s so great about Keith Urban?
-if music makes you feel something, who cares about the label
-Sherry’s sister likes to fight at concerts
-why go to see the same band over and over? it’s about the community
-how they steal your purse during a concert
-how not to sneak a camera into a concert
-love is bigger than drinking and drugs
-“he truly loves his fans … makes you feel you are the only one in the room”
-giving someone your full attention
-quality over quantity – creating raving fans one at a time (who tell their friends)
-working in and with the emergency room during covid
-learning to detach
-going to church is like working out?
-using music to change my thought process … understanding this pain is temporary
-“music helps me change the future”
-getting hit with a drone
-creativity keeps you young

Find out more about Sherry Johnson …


The Big White Box


Sherry & Rich’s Tik Tok Video

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* (song played at end of episode)
California Highway – Parkway South Band

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    Wow! Nicely done, really informative.

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