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Tanner Scott – Earth ships, being intentional & having fun while eating well

Between Two Deferns Podcast Episode #5 – Tanner Scott – Earth ships, being intentional & having fun while eating well

In this episode Mike & Heather talk with Tanner Scott, a health coach and food & travel enthusiast. He has talks about his transformation, learning to “tweak his life” for optimum enjoyment, and risking a good corporate job to go out on his own. He has some great practical tips as well!

Some of the things we talk about …

-why the harmonica is so awesome
-waffle brownies
-skinny doesn’t mean healthy
-originally went to Belmont, wanted to be in the music biz
-building earth ships in New Mexico
-living off the grid for a month
-creative reuse- the Turnip Green
-“We are all capable of living the life we truly desire. It all starts with loving ourselves enough to try.”
-being intentional vs reacting
-mindfulness – 14 day email prompts
-setting alarms for when to eat
-we’re not really and more advanced than dogs …?
-advice about eating (to avoid making bad choices)
-no one size fits all
-Tanner uses insight timer mediation app
-Mike uses Waking Up app (Sam Harris)
-Why Tanner is so excited about meditation
-meditation is like a cigarette break
-Twerking yoga in Hawaii
-practice until it starts working = self awareness grows
-meditation can be like a drug
-intention starts with awareness
-left a really good job and took a chance starting his own business
-helped his mom lose like 50 pounds
-“this isn’t about me, it’s about empowering you”
-really cool tip for drinking more water
-urine color … he knows too much about that
-stories from being an experiences coordinator with living social
-the food in New Zealand
-hiking on a narrow mountain path in Peru and having to poop

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that’s Tanner playing the harmonica at the end of the episode!

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  1. Maybelle Quarles Maybelle Quarles

    That was funny, interesting and just a hoot to listen to (sorry it took me three whole days to get through it. Everest, wow! What an interesting life!

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