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How To Connect: A guide to creating content that resonates with your ideal client

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“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mike’s helpful tips on how to connect on a more personal level with my ideal client whether it be through video, email or LinkedIn. I loved reading his personal approach and I definitely got some new strategies to use. I highly recommend this book as a guide to anyone that wants to have a better marketing presence.” -Judy

This guide will encourage you to get clear on the intersection of your passion and your abilities, so you can start putting out content that attracts the right people, and you can build your own custom audience that you continue to nurture and grow indefinitely. It’s for business owners, freelancers, independent salespeople, and anyone with a skill or talent that they want to take to the next level. By finding a way that works for you, that feels natural and authentic – and by falling in love with the process of creating content – you can develop a constant stream of clients that you’re excited to work with, where price becomes a non-issue, and your confidence and joy grows as you spend your time serving instead of selling.

The purpose of the content is not necessarily to teach, convince, or sell. It’s an opportunity for these people to get to know you; to spend time with you from a distance, until they are ready to take the next step. We do many of these things naturally, but in this book we’ll talk about how to fine-tune and scale it, to allow you to engage more people with less effort.  

“This book really helped me think about how to talk to my ideal client online and show more personality.” -Kayleigh

It all comes down to this. If you can share content that comes from someplace deeper, from beyond the intellectual mind, then it will resonate strongly and emotionally with the right people. They will value who you are, as a person and a professional.

There are three parts to the methodology I’ll be talking about in this book…
1. Getting clarity about who your ideal client is
2. Consistently creating and sharing powerful content
3. Make it easy for people to raise their hand when they are ready

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“A very straightforward approach to connecting to your target audience without the insincere manipulation used be so many companies. I especially liked the idea of building a relationship with your target audience before you expect them to purchase your product. This approach may take more time, but the customers that are gained are much more likely to remain loyal through any circumstances. A real relief to the purely transactional commerce our world has become.” -Scott

The Kindle and print versions are also available for purchase on Amazon

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