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Between Two Deferns

Mike & Heather talk with the cool and interesting people they know, about everything from entertainment to self development.

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Ep#6 – Nat Peterson – conversations about music, business, wrestling, politics, and mindfulness

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Ep#5 – Tanner Scott – Earth ships, being intentional & having fun while eating well

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Ep#4 – Derrick Brown – Good vibes, music licensing, and the art of not giving up

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Ep#3 – Sherry Johnson – How to have a good marriage & have fun even when life is hard

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Ep#2 – Breck Alan – All about music, performance, and being yourself

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Ep#1 – All right, what’s all this then?

Michael “Defern” Liebensohn & Heather (Omega) “Defern” Liebensohn … we’re going through a bit of a name crisis transition =)

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