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The Wrong Problem

Why You Think Too Much and Keep Getting in Your Own Way

The book “The Wrong Problem” is written but not yet published. I need your help during the final editing process, testing ideas for clarity and gathering feedback. I would love for you to be involved at whatever level you are comfortable, if this is a topic that interests you.

Here is the current overview:

I want to change the world and I need your help. This book is for you, and this book is for me. We think too much and we get in our own way. We work hard at trying to make ourselves better, but still feel like our tires are spinning, and we stay stuck in the mud. I’m not some guru, just a person who has been through hell and come out the other side, and never stopped asking the question, “Why do I keep trying to fix the wrong problem?”

Change happens once we see things for what they are. By practicing presence, by creating space in our thinking, we become more aware of the subtleties that masquerade around like the truth.

The good news is that what we seek is not “out there”, it’s right inside us. But I’m not necessarily talking about God or anything supernatural. My approach is pure logic, with a touch of dreamy open mindedness. That’s the hard part, getting your magnificent thinking mind out of your own way.

So, are you ready to go on a ride with me?

Great, because now more than ever, humanity depends on both of us reaching our full potential, and letting the world see that we can do better than we’ve been doing.

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