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Mike & Heather Stuff

Professional Profile Videos

It’s like a video head shot.

We interview you and pull out the best short clip that captures who you are, not just what you do. This is a huge opportunity to create a quick emotional connection before getting down to business.

Salespeople … send your Professional Profile Video before every meeting, then follow-up to make sure they received it, then ask again if they watched it before the call begins. Take control of how they feel about you before you arrive!

These are also perfect for the new cover story feature on Linkedin (where your profile picture turns into a video when people hover over it).

Branded Content

Share something that people actually want to watch, that’s entertaining or inspiring – and not directly about your company, yet still associates a good feeling about your brand.

Documentary Style Marketing

Completely unscripted and authentic – we interview business owners, employees, partners, and customers – and the story emerges organically. It’s those spontaneous moments that shows our humanity and draws people in.

Your customers want to do business with a company they feel good about. (Then they’ll look to your features and benefits to justify that decision.)

Original Music

Our band is called Parkway South. We’ve been writing and performing for years, and people have said we remind them of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and Heart. But we’re not trying to be retro … just taking those influences and creating something new (that means something and has a hook).

If you want to book a profile video session, work together on another video project, or talk music, send Mike an email.

Also, please follow us on instagram.

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