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Weekly Q&A

For small business owners, professionals, freelancers, and independent salespeople who have a real sense of mission and passion, marketing can be a scary word. We want to forge real relationships and work by referral, not get a bunch of garbage internet leads who are price shopping. We want to only work with those who truly “get” us – those who appreciate the value we bring, because of who we are, and where our hearts are.

So, here is the approach –

  1. Get clarity about who your ideal client is
  2. Create and share powerful and consistent content
  3. Make it easy for them to raise their hand when they are ready

Assuming you’ve been reading my blog and are familiar with the How To Connect book, this weekly call is to address all of the questions that come up as you implement some of these ideas. Everything from video gear to choosing topics to writing emails.

Join me every Friday at 11:30AM Central time for a Q&A zoom video call. It’s free, and you are not required to participate or turn on your camera – you can just listen. I’ll start with a short topic and people can put their questions into the chat. Getting together in a group like this can be extremely effective when working through marketing scenarios. Hearing me talk through with another business owner, for example, may shed light on your own situation. Hearing what works in other industries may give you an idea you had never considered.

Here is the link to join the zoom call:

Having issues joining, send me an email. Thanks!

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